November 2012 Training Announcement

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All-Nigeria Medical Schools Competition May 2012

Sept 2012 Total 924

The inaugural All-Nigeria Medical Schools Competition was held at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital(LASUTH) from 31st of May-1st of June,2012. Ten Medical schools were represented. There were representation from the Nigeria University … [Read more...]

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Article Previously Published in The Guardian SUDDEN cardiac arrest is frequently caused in adults by a fibrillating heart (i.e. the heart beating in a disorganised manner and hence quivering like a bag of worms rather than in a regular and … [Read more...]

Handling Trauma Patients (1): Head And Neck


Article Previously Published in The Guardian THERE is an endemic problem in our society. It is road traffic accident (RTA). It represents one of the greatest killers of the most productive section of our society. The Controller General of the … [Read more...]

Medical Emergencies In Nigeria

Article Previously Published in The Guardian THERE are some things in life that we do not wish for but occur anyway. In a nation like Nigeria; with its huge population in excess of 150 million people and our life expectancy at birth of 47 years, … [Read more...]